USG For Pericardial Eff.

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Overview Brief

The pericardial space is the gap between two layers of the pericardium, or the membranous covering of the heart. USG for Pericardial Eff. checks this space for effusion.

What is USG for Pericardial Eff.?

USG for Pericardial Eff. is a diagnostic procedure that makes use of ultrasound to image the heart and the pericardial space to detect any disorders.

USG stands for ultrasonography, and the test is also known as echocardiography. USG for Pericardial Eff. makes use of sound waves to generate live images of the heart – through this test it is possible to detect anomalies in the pericardium walls and in the pericardial fluid volume. Effusion, or increase in fluid volume, could compress the heart chambers and thus needs to be diagnosed as soon as possible [1].

USG for Pericardial Eff. is a highly safe and minimally invasive procedure, and is thus the preferred method of diagnosis.

How is USG for Pericardial Eff. performed?

USG for Pericardial Eff. is performed by a trained radiologist.

  • A transducer is placed over the patient’s heart [2].
  • The transducer emits sounds waves through the chest to the heart.
  • A computer interprets the waves and generates live images.

USG for Pericardial Eff. usually takes several minutes to complete.

Side effects/risks of USG for Pericardial Eff.

The following potential risks exist in USG for Pericardial Eff.

  • Minor risk of harm from sound waves to unborn foetuses.

Preparations before performing USG for Pericardial Eff.

The following preparations will help ensure that USG for Pericardial Eff. goes smoothly.

  • Patients should inform their radiologists of any medical implants like pacemakers.
  • Metallic items like jewellery must be removed.

Post-care after USG for Pericardial Eff.

No special post-care is needed for Pericardial Eff.

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