USG Follicular Study (Full)

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USG follicular study, or follicular monitoring, is a simple technique to determine ovarian follicles at periodic intervals and to study the road to ovulation.

What is USG Follicular Study?

A follicle is an accumulation of cells in a woman’s ovary. In their lifetime, each follicle releases one egg.

  • Follicular study helps to determine if you are ovulating at the time.
  • Follicular tracking involves some vaginal scans to identify the current stage in the menstrual cycle you’re in.

Women are born with around 400,000 follicles. Pregnancy and follicular study closely correlate.

How is USG Follicular Study Performed?

USG follicular study is done by a trained specialist who looks after all the procedures involved.

  • Images of internal organs are captured by inserting tiny plastic probes inside the vagina.
  • You need to lie down on the bed so that the scan can be performed.
  • The sonographer correctly predicts the time when the eggs would get released, depending on how much the walls of the uterus has thickened.

The follicular study is beneficial if you are trying to conceive a child.

Side-effects/risks of USG follicular study

The follicular study has no side-effects like any other ultrasound. The gel used is cold and might feel a little uncomfortable, but has no risks.

Preparations before performing USG follicular study

USG follicular study is performed on the second day of menstruation.

  1. On that day, have a shower and wear loose clothes which help in adequately executing the scan.
  2. Do not follow any diet restrictions unless expressly advised by your doctor.
  3. Do remember to take all of the medications prescribed by your doctor before going for the scan.
  4. The doctor will ask the patient to empty the bladder right before the scan begins.

The scan often continues every day until ovulation happens.

Post-care after USG follicular study

The doctor will prescribe the number of cycles for ovulation for you to time your intercourse.

  1. If you don’t conceive your doctor might give fertilization medicines to boost your cycle.
  2. He/ she might even consider competitive procedures if you fail to conceive after five cycles.

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