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In fast-growing modern medicine, 2D scanning is left much behind. Now with the ability to see organs in action through 4D Ultrasonography, the field of medical diagnosing has taken a step further.

What is Ultrasonography 3D 4D?

Ultrasonography is a medical ultrasound scan, which when rendered in three spatial dimensions is called 3D and a series of these forming a video stream is called 4D.

3D Ultrasonography technique is used in the study of cardiac, rectal, fetal and vascular functioning. For a real-time assessment of any abnormalities in working of these, a 4D Ultrasonography is suggested.

The widest usage of 3D and 4D Ultrasonography happens in the prenatal ultrasound for the detailed observation of the growing fetus.

Ultrasonography 3D 4D Procedure

The process for 3D and 4D Ultrasonography is the same as that of a normal ultrasound.

  • You will be asked to remove metal accessories and wear a hospital gown.
  • Ultrasound gel will be placed on the area to be scanned.
  • Transducer will be pressed against your skin and adjusted to find the correct position for imaging.
  • You will be able to see the 3D or 4D imaging on the screen of the ultrasound machine.

The probe that is used in Ultrasonography to generate image via computer is called Transducer.

Side Effects of Ultrasonography 3D 4D

Ultrasonography is based on non-ionising radiations and doesn’t pose risk like x-ray radiations. Though in some cases it can produce cavitations in body fluids or tissues, for which the long term effects are still unknown.

Preparation for Ultrasonography 3D 4D

Share your medical history with the radiologist and find out if any ongoing medication could complicate the Ultrasonography process.

Post Care in Ultrasonography 3D 4D

Ultrasonography requires no special care after the scan. Any case of skin reactions to the ultrasound gel is rare but if experienced, consult the dermatologist.

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