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Urine Potassium test is a test used to check the level of potassium in the urine. Potassium is a type of electrolyte and a mineral. It is essential for proper muscles and nerves functions. The potassium is denoted by the symbol K.

What is Urine Potassium?

Urine Potassium test is conducted to check the level of potassium in the urine, which can be either normal or abnormal. It is also used to determine the cause and monitor treatment for illness associated with abnormal potassium levels in the body. Potassium with other electrolytes like sodium chloride and bicarbonate helps to regulate the amount of fluid in the body and maintain a stable acid-base balance.

Why is Urine Potassium suggested?

Urine potassium is suggested if a person develops symptoms like

  • Muscles weakness
  • Irregular heartbeat or electrolyte imbalance
  • Kidney disease
  • Hyperkalemia and Hypokalemia

How is Urine Potassium performed?

Urine Potassium test is performed by

  • Taking a urine sample.
  • You may be suggested to collect all urine in a day.

What parameters are measured in Urine Potassium?

The level of potassium in the urine is measured by conducting Urine Potassium Test.

Preparation needed before Urine Potassium

There are several necessary   you may need to follow before this test involving

  • Avoiding medication that changes test results.
  • Don’t change your daily routine before the test.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol as it can make changes to the results.

Post care after Urine Potassium

Post care is not required after Urine Potassium test.

  • The patient is allowed to leave the test facility after giving a sample.

Sample types in Urine Potassium

The urine sample is required to perform the Urine Potassium test.

Side effects/risks of Urine Potassium

The Urine Potassium test is a simple painless urine test with no side major side effects.

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