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Urine Magnesium test is conducted to know the level of magnesium in urine. It is used to evaluate the level of magnesium deficiency or toxicity. Magnesium is a chemical element with symbol Mg.

What is Urine magnesium?

Urine Magnesium test is performed to know about magnesium level in urine which plays a major role in many biochemical reactions including heartbeat, nerve and muscle function. Magnesium excretion control magnesium balance in the urine. It is also conducted to measure the success or failure of a medication or treatment.

Why is Urine Magnesium suggested?

This test is used to determine if a medical condition is worsening with symptoms like

  • Chronic pancreas inflammation
  • Decreased blood magnesium
  • Kidney failure and irregular heartbeat.
  • Muscle twitches and cramps

How is Urine Magnesium performed?

Urine Magnesium test is performed by Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (AAS) or colorimetric which include

  • Collecting a urine sample.
  • Send the urine sample for examination in a lab.

What parameters are measured in Urine Magnesium

Urine Magnesium test measures the magnesium level in the urine.

Preparation before Urine Magnesium

You may need to follow some simple steps before performing the test which involves:

  • Avoid taking medications that can affect the result.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol before the test as it can reduce the magnesium level.

Post care after Urine Magnesium

After the Urine Magnesium test, there is no requirement for specific care.

  • The patient can leave the lab after giving a sample for Urine Magnesium test.

Sample types in Urine Magnesium

It only requires urine samples to conduct Urine Magnesium test.

Side effects of Urine Magnesium

The Urine Potassium test is a painless urine test with no major side effects.

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