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Urine Creatinine Random is a test performed to measure the levels of creatinine in the patient’s urine.

What is Urine Creatinine Random?

Urine Creatinine Random checks levels of creatinine, which is a chemical waste product. Urine Creatinine Random analyzes the performance of the patient’s kidneys. kidneys filter creatinine and other wastes from the body.

Why is Urine Creatinine Random SUGGESTED?

Urine Creatinine Random is suggested if you develop the following:

  • Decrease urine output.
  • Swelling in legs.
  • Fatigue
  • Trouble thinking clearly.

How is Urine Creatinine Random PERFORMED?

Urine Creatinine Random test is done over a period of 24 hours.

  • Record the time of first urination to mark the beginning of the test.
  • The patient will use a special container to collect urine over the next 24 hours.
  • When the 24 hour period is over, cap the container and return it to the clinic.
  • The urine sample is sent to the lab for further testing.

What are the parameters measured in Urine Creatinine Random?

Urine Creatinine Random measures the quantity of chemical waste creatinine in the urine and also the amount of urine produced in a day.v

Preparation before Urine Creatinine Random

 Urine Creatinine Random is a safe procedure.

  • The patient should inform the doctor about any previous medication.
  • Avoid certain food and beverages advised by the doctor.

Post care after Urine Creatinine Random

After Urine Creatinine Random:

  • No special care is required.
  • The patient can follow their normal lifestyle unless the doctor advises otherwise.

Sample types in Urine Creatinine Random

For Urine Creatinine Random, the samples required are:

  • Urine sample.

Side effects of Urine Creatinine Random

Urine Creatinine Random does not have any risks.

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