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Overview Brief

If you’re going to have your urine chloride test or wishing to inform yourself about it, you’re at the right place. This overview contains all you need on basics, purpose, preparation, risks, and procedure of urine chloride test.

What is urine chloride test?

Urine chloride test is a normal urine test to evaluate chloride levels in the urine. Urine chloride is an electrolyte and acts with other electrolytes to regulate fluid amount in the body. Urine chloride also regulates acid-base(pH) balance. In cases of vomiting, weakness, respiratory problems or diarrhea, urine chloride test often required.  Abnormal levels of urine chloride are reflective of various health conditions.

Why is urine chloride test suggested?

Urine chloride test is performed primarily to detect high levels of chloride ions, it may be suggested to

  • Check for improper acid-base or electrolyte balance.
  • Monitor treatment.
  • Complete a routine a health-checkup.

How is urine chloride test performed?

A urine test is performed for the urine chloride test.

  • Collect urine sample for urine chloride test.
  • Store the collected urine in a refrigerator
  • The sample will be sent to a lab for analysis.

Test provider will interpret and explain the results of the urine chloride test.

What are the parameters measured in the urine chloride test?

A urine chloride test measures chlorine concentration in urine or blood. It is measured in milliequivalents per Litre. Normal results range 25-40 mEq/L.

Preparation before performing urine chloride test

Your doctor must be informed of any medications you’re on or any other health condition.

  • If instructed, fast for about 4 hours prior to urine chloride blood test.
  • Clean hands and genitals before collecting a urine sample.
  • Store the container in a refrigerator before giving it to the doctor.

Post-care after urine chloride test

No special post-care is required after the urine chloride test. You may,

  • Avoid anxiety after urine chloride test.
  • Eat and drink well.

Sample types in urine chloride test

The samples for urine chloride test are obtained either at home or by the provider.

  • Random urine sample
  • 24-hour urine sample

Side effects/risks of urine chloride test

There are rarely any minimal side-effects of urine chloride test.

  • Those who use a Foley catheter may get an infection.


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