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Overview Brief

Bothering about your urine albumin test? This overview contains definition, purpose, procedure, preparation and risks of urine albumin test. Read on to be well-informed about your test.

What is urine albumin test?

Urine albumin test is a normal urine test to check for albumin in urine. Albumin is a protein found in blood. Normal kidneys would show low albumin in urine albumin test. Higher the levels of albumin in urine albumin test, severe is the kidney disease. Albumin-creatinine urine test detects small amounts of albumin against creatinine.

Why is urine albumin test suggested?

Urine albumin test is done to track if the kidneys are spilling albumin. It’s suggested,

  • To detect early kidney damage in patients with risk factors
  • To monitor an going treatment
  • When the patient is diabetic

How is urine albumin test performed?

Urine albumin test is an uncomplicated test, hence you don’t have to undergo much.

  • Collect all your urine in a container for 24-hours starting from a particular hour in morning.
  • If midstream one-time urine is required, then collect once.
  • The sample will be tested in the lab.

The results of your urine albumin test will be interpreted and explained by your doctor.

What are the parameters measured in urine albumin test?

Urine albumin test measures albumin protein in milligrams.

It’s normal below 30mg, represents early kidney damage if 30-300mg and advanced stage of kidney disease if above 300mg.[1]

Preparation before performing urine albumin test

Inform your doctor of any medication you’re on for specific instructions. Normally you may,

  • Ensure clean hands.
  • Clean your genital area before collecting for urine albumin test.
  • Store urine in refrigerator if 24-hour collection is done.

Post-care after urine albumin test

Any particular post-care procedures are rarely required after urine albumin test. You may,

  • Eat and drink well.
  • Avoid anxiety post urine albumin test.

Sample types in urine albumin test

Urine albumin test requires a sample of urine collected

  • At any random time.
  • For 24-hours.
  • At specific time like 4 hours or overnight.

Side effects/risks of urine albumin test

There aren’t any risks in collecting urine for urine albumin test

  • Using Foley catheter to collect for urine albumin test may cause infection or other damage.

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