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Overview Brief

Wondering about why your doctor has recommended a uric acid test? Find your answers here about the purpose, method of performance, post-care required, preparations required and side-effects of uric acid test.

What is uric acid test?

Uric acid test evaluates the concentration of uric acid in blood or urine. Uric acid is formed in blood by the breakdown of nitrogen compounds in our cells. The kidneys remove uric acid through urine. Abnormal levels of uric acid detected by uric acid test are indicative of gout, kidney stones or other kidney disease.

Why is uric acid test suggested?

Uric acid test is primarily done to detect high content of uric acid in blood. This is suggested to,

  • Detect the presence of gout.
  • Monitor uric acid levels of those undergoing chemotherapy or radiation.
  • Diagnose the cause and extent of kidney stones

 How is uric acid test performed?

A blood test or urine test can be performed for uric acid test.

  • Blood from arm will be taken with a needle for blood test.
  • You’ll have to provide 24-hour urine sample for urine test.
  • Sample will be sent to lab for analysis.

The results of uric acid test will be interpreted and explained by your doctor.

What are the parameters measured in uric acid test?

Uric acid test measures the uric acid level in blood and urine.

Preparation before performing uric acid test

Preparations for uric acid test are quite plain and nothing to worry about.

  • Fast for about 4 hours prior to uric acid blood test, if recommended.
  • Store your urine for 24-hours in container for uric acid urine test.
  • Store the container in a refrigerator.
  • Inform your doctor of any underlying medical condition.

Post-care after uric acid test

No extensive post-care is required after uric acid test. You may,

  • Leave the dressing in place for 30-60 minutes.
  • Eat and drink well.

Sample types in uric acid test

The samples for uric acid test may be obtained by a practitioner or a lab attendant.

  • Blood sample
  • Urine sample (24-hour)

Side effects/risks of uric acid test

There are only minimal side-effects for uric acid test.

For blood test,

  • Bruising
  • Swelling
  • Discomfort

For urine test,

  • Those who use Foley catheter, may get infection or other damage.

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