Unsaturated Iron Binding Capacity

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Overview Brief

Whether you’re going to undergo an Unsaturated Iron Binding Capacity(UIBC) test or you need to read concisely on this test, here is all you need to know including the basics, preparation required, method adopted, side-effects possible and more.

What is UIBC test?

UIBC test is used to calculate Transferrin-iron saturation percentage(TS%). TS% is also reflective of iron binding capacity and its transport capacity. UIBC helps in evaluating TS%, which below 20 indicates iron deficiency and above 40 indicates iron loading. Blood transfusions, pregnancy and other factors may affect the result of UIBC test.

Why is UIBC test suggested?

UIBC test is often suggested withother iron tests.

  • To test body’s capability of iron transport.
  • When it is hinted that body iron is too low or too high.
  • When hemoglobin or hematocrit are low.

How is UIBC test performed?

The UIBC test is done like a common blood test for a patient.

  • The injection site is disinfected.
  • Blood sample is extracted from the arm.
  • A dressing is placed at the injection site.
  • Transferrin is measured from the sample by laboratory methods.

The UIBC test may be performed along with iron serum and TIBC.

What are the parameters measured in UIBC?

The UIBC is measured for a complete blood count. It is done by measuring saturation of transferrin saturation in sample.


Preparation before performing UIBC test

Inform your doctor of any underlying health condition for specific preparations before UIBC test. You are required to,

  • Not eat anything for about 12 hours prior to UIBC test.
  • Or avoid red meat, supplements, alcohol, etc. for 72 hours pre-test.
  • You may drink water though.

Post-care after UIBC test

There aren’t any particular post-care measures required for UIBC test. You may undertake common measures after a blood-test.

  • Take adequate rest.
  • Drink plentifully and eat well after UIBC test.
  • Leave the dressing at the site of injection for 30 minutes.

Sample types in UIBC test

The sample required for UIBC test is:

  • Patient’s blood drawn from arm.

Side effects/risks of UIBC test

UIBC test doesn’t show any distinct side effects. Those of a blood test and fasting are:

  • Bruising
  • Swelling
  • Discomfort
  • Mood changes.
  • Weakness

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