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Vitamin B12 is essential for growth, blood cells, for immune function and for good cardiovascular health and a deficiency of the same can cause an impairment in the functioning of the body. Transcobalamin is a protein that is required for the absorption and transport of Vitamin B12.

What is Transcobalamin?

Transcobalamin is a protein normally present in the blood, and good levels of it indicate adequate levels of Vitamin B12. It has 2 forms: Unbound Transcobalamin and HoloTranscobalamin (which is bound to Vitamin B12). A deficiency of Transcobalamin can be acquired or genetic, the former being much more common.

Why is Transcobalamin suggested?

Transcobalamin is suggested if you are showing the following symptoms:

  • Fatigue, tiredness, weakness
  • Recurrent infections
  • Cuts and bruises that take a long time to heal.

How is Transcobalamin performed?

Transcobalamin testing requires:

  • A blood sample that is taken from the vein of your arm
  • The blood is then centrifuged and the serum that separates is taken for further testing
  • Serum holotranscobalamin, Vitamin B12, and Homocysteine levels are useful for better diagnosis.

What are the parameters measured in Transcobalamin?

In Transcobalamin testing the normal values are:

  • Transcobalamin: 670-1270 pmol/L
  • HoloTranscobalamin: 42-157 pmol/L
  • Vitamin B12: 200-900 ng/ml
  • Homocysteine: 4-15 𝜇mol/L

Preparation before performing Transcobalamin

It is a simple blood test that requires no special preparation from the testee.

Post-care after Transcobalamin

No specific post care is required.

Sample types in Transcobalamin

The sample type involved during Transcobalamin testing is a blood sample from the patient’s body.

Side effects/ risks of Transcobalamin

There are no risks associated with Transcobalamin testing.

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