Toxoplasma gondii – IgM

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Toxoplasma gondii is a parasite that occasionally infects humans who own cats or consume undercooked meat. It causes the disease Toxoplasmosis which causes severe neurological disease and malformation of unborn babies in pregnant women who suffer from the disease.

What is Toxoplasma gondii – IgM?

Toxoplasma gondii – IgM is a test done to diagnose Toxoplasmosis in its acute form and to prevent chronic complications for the same. IgM refers to immunoglobulin M which is a large protein that increases in number during an acute infection. Toxoplasma species cannot be directly detected hence this test is of immense importance.

Why is Toxoplasma gondii – IgM suggested?

Toxoplasma gondii – IgM is suggested if you are showing the following symptoms:

  • Fever with swollen lymph nodes, drowsiness, headache and disorientation
  • Muscle pain spanning around a month
  • Loss of vision and redness of the eyes

How is Toxoplasma gondii – IgM performed?

Toxoplasma gondii – IgM testing requires:

  • A blood sample that is taken from the vein of your arm
  • The blood is then centrifuged and the serum that separates is taken for further testing

What are the parameters measured in Toxoplasma gondii – IgM?

In Toxoplasma gondii – IgM one of the three results is shown:

  • Negative- Less than 0.8
  • Equivocal- Between 0.8 – 0.99
  • Positive- More than or equal to 1

Preparation before performing Toxoplasma gondii – IgM

No special preparation is required. However, it is important to stay hydrated and avoid consuming alcohol before the blood test.

Post-care after Toxoplasma gondii – IgM

It is a fairly simple test that requires no post care.

Sample types in Toxoplasma gondii – IgM

Toxoplasma gondii – IgM testing is done using:

  • The blood sample that is taken from a vein in the arm

Side effects/ risks of Toxoplasma gondii – IgM

There are no side-effects of Toxoplasma gondii – IgM testing.

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