Tissue Transglutaminase TTG-DGP Screen

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The Tissue Transglutaminase TTG-DGP test is employed to identify Celiac’s disease.

What is Tissue Transglutaminase TTG-DGP?

In the Tissue Transglutaminase TTG-DGP test, a consecutive identification of both the IgA and the IgG antibodies of the transglutaminase tissue takes place.


Why is Tissue Transglutaminase TTG-DGP suggested?

If a person is suffering from the symptoms of Celiac disease, then he /she is usually advised to get this special test done for the confirmation and identification of the disease. Any person who is experiencing or suffering from an autoimmune disorder, which might include diabetes, thyroid, liver issues (all in case of autoimmune conditions), can get the Tissue Transglutaminase TTG-DGP test done.

How is Tissue Transglutaminase TTG-DGP performed?

The test is performed in the following steps:

  • A genetic test can be performed via a blood test, saliva test, or cheek swab.
  • This test can also be performed through an intestinal biopsy.
  • The specimen from the test is collected in a certain volume and then sent to the lab for analysis.

What are the parameters of Tissue Transglutaminase TTG-DGP?

Tissue Transglutaminase TTG-DGP is a test that measures the presence of IgA and IgG antibodies in the body.

Preparation before Tissue Transglutaminase TTG-DGP

No specific preparation is required by the patient.

Post-care after Tissue Transglutaminase TTG-DGP

If the patient was instructed to fast before the blood test, they are urged to eat and hydrate themselves after the completion of the Tissue Transglutaminase TTG-DGP test. Post-care is minimal if a saliva test or a cheek swab is taken.

Sample types for Tissue Transglutaminase TTG-DGP

A blood sample, cheek swab sample, or a saliva sample are required for the completion of this test.

Side effects/Risks of Tissue Transglutaminase TTG-DGP

This is a screening test. Hence, it involves minimal risks to the patient.

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