Three Phase Study Liver

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Three Phase Study Liver is an exam in which the lesions of the liver are examined and studied.

What is Three Phase Study Liver?

Three Phase Study Liver is used to diagnose the abnormalities of the liver and the lesions.

  • Three Phase Study Liver is a technique which found much use after it was found that the CT alone could not capture images clear enough for assessment of the liver conditions.
  • Along with contrast, the lesions can be very clearly observed.

Three Phase Study Liver has found a lot of application in the modern day medical science owing to its usefulness and efficiency.

How is Three Phase Study Liver performed?

Three Phase Study Liver is performed as follows:

  • The patient is ideally given contrast through I.V. to obtain clear images.
  • The respiratory movements are bound to disturb capturing the images, so the patient may be asked to hold his breath for some time.
  • With this technique, it is easier to take images of the liver lesions and even better than a CT.

The liver is scanned for its parameters, and the patient can leave for home.

Side effects/risks of Three Phase Study Liver

Side effects of Three Phase Study Liver are:

There are barely any risks associated with it, but the patient can see a doctor if any discomfort is experienced.

Preparation before performing Three Phase Study Liver

Preparation for Three Phase Study Liver needs the following:

  • The patient is required to fast overnight.
  • The patient should drink lots of water before the test.
  • Any allergies to IV contrast should be informed about to the doctor before the test.

Post-care after Three Phase Study Liver

Post care for Three Phase Study Liver requires:

  • The patient may be necessary to follow-up with the doctor for the conditions which were gauged in the Three Phase Study Liver.
  • The patient needs to intake plenty of fluids to let the contrast material out of the body.
  • Diet can be continued with, as usual.

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