Stress Echo-Cardiography

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Stress Echo-Cardiography or the echocardiography is a test that evaluates the functioning of the heart and the associated blood vessels.

What is Stress Echo-Cardiography?

Stress Echo-Cardiography is stress or an exercise test which the patient undertakes on a stationary bike or a treadmill. This is done while the pulse rate and the blood pressure are monitored.

  • At the peak of the heart rate, ultrasound images of the heart are taken to determine the performance of heart muscles.
  • The images also monitor the blood and oxygen flowing to the heart at the peak of the heart rate.

The patient is usually asked to get Stress Echo-Cardiography done if he has complained chest pain or if he suspects a heart disease.

How is Stress Echo-Cardiography performed?

Stress Echo-Cardiography is performed as follows:

  • Ten electrodes are glued to the chest of the patient.
  • These electrodes are connected to a machine called ECG.
  • The ECG regularly notes the electrical activity of the heart and images are taken in a relaxed position.
  • The stress test requires the patient to exercise heavily on the treadmill until the heart reaches its peak rate.
  • Once there, the doctor performs another ultrasound to get more images in the stressed state.
  • Ultrasound is done till heart rate reaches back to normal.

The test is completed in 45-60 minutes.

Side effects/risks of Stress Echo-Cardiography

Side effects of Stress Echo-Cardiography may be some or one of the following:

  • Heart attack
  • Dizziness
  • fainting

Preparation before performing Stress Echo-Cardiography

Preparation of Stress Echo-Cardiography is:

  • The patient needs to be relaxed before the test.
  • Reach the hospital in time.

Post-care after Stress Echo-Cardiography

Post care for Stress Echo-Cardiography is:

  • Follow-up with the doctor.Maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

The mfine team tries its best to provide wellness facilities for their patients including Stress Echo-Cardiography.

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