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What is Stool Reducing Substance test? 12

It is a lab test which analysis your stool (faeces) to diagnose lactose intolerance and some rare metabolic disorders. Basically, it evaluates the body’s ability to digest carbohydrates and to absorb sugar and nutrients from foods and drinks.

Why is Stool Reducing Substance suggested?13

This test is ordered if symptoms of lactose intolerance show, which are:

  • Loose stools/ Diarrhoea.
  • Constipation.
  • Stomach pain and bloating.
  • Increased gas.
  • Fatigue, muscle and joint pain, or mouth ulcers.

Lactose intolerance also occurs after prolonged gastroenteritis, due to inadequate sugar absorption.

How is Stool Reducing Substance performed?14

Stool sample can be collected at home or at the hospital. The doctor gives you a container and spatula. While passing faeces, you should store a sample in the container with the help of the spatula. (Make sure not to contaminate the sample by touching it with hands or picking it from inside of the toilet as it may add unwanted germs to it. Do not mix any tissue or soap with it.). Return the sample to the doctor.

What are the parameters measured in Stool Reducing Substance?3

Negative test results mean that the body is digesting and absorbing sugars normally.

A positive result means there are sugars in the stool (reducing agents) that have not been absorbed by the body. In this case, the doctor will prescribe further treatment.

Preparation before performing Stool Reducing Substance 4

There is no preparation required. You have to collect the sample when you feel like passing the faeces.

Certain medicines can affect the test result and you must stop taking them before the test. You may also need to avoid certain foods before the test. Samples must not be collected during menstruation. Consult your doctor regarding these before the test.

Post-care after Stool Reducing Substance 4

There is no post care required. Just wash your hands after collecting the sample.

Sample types in Stool Reducing Substance 1

A sample of stool (faeces)

Side effects/risks of Stool Reducing Substance 2

There is no pain while collecting a stool sample and it is safe. In case of constipation, you might feel pain while straining to pass the stool.

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