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Discovered by Gustav Giemsa in the early twentieth century, the Giemsa is one of the oldest stains that has been used for over a century and is still the standard stain for diagnosing Malaria. However, its versatality offers a multitude of uses such as diagnosis of Sleeping Sickness (Trypanosomiasis), fungal infections etc.

What is Giemsa Stain?

Giemsa Stain is a staining method that is used to stain parasites like the ones causing Malaria and Babesia and is also useful for Fungal infections such as Histoplasma as well as staining chromosomes in a process called G-banding and is useful for Karyotyping (genetic studies). It can also be combined with other stains like the Wright stains to see bacterial adherence to human cells.


Why is Giemsa Stain suggested?

Giemsa Stain is suggested if you are experiencing:

  • High and relapsing fever every two to three days(101℉+)
  • General weakness of the body and aches
  • Night sweats


How is Giemsa Stain performed?

Giemsa Stain testing is fairly simple as it requires:

  • A blood sample is required which is drawn from a vein in the arm
  • The sample is processed in a lab by putting Giemsa Stain and observing it under a microscope
  • Every blood cell is stained differently and hence is useful for blood counts also

What are the parameters measured in Giemsa Stain?

In Giemsa Stain is a very versatile stain and is used for:

  • Malarial Paraites, Histoplasma, Babesia, Trypanosoma
  • Different Blood cells: White & Red Blood Cells
  • Genetic Material for research purposes
  • Stages of cell cycle

Preparation before performing Giemsa Stain

A simple blood sample is drawn and hence no prior preparation on part of the Patient is required.

Post-care after Giemsa Stain

It’s a simple blood test that requires no post-care.

Sample types in Giemsa Stain

Giemsa Stain testing is done by testing the blood sample from a vein in the arm.

Side effects/ risks of Giemsa Stain

There are no risks involved in Giemsa Stain testing.

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