Stain AFB (ZN Stain), Tissue

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Mycobacteria in your tissues is the main causative agent responsible for extra Pulmonary Tuberculosis. The most common method of detecting it is Stain AFB (ZN Stain), Tissue.

What is Stain AFB (ZN Stain), Tissue?

The procedure involves taking the tissues from any place in the body, most commonly from the intestine, spleen or skin, and dyeing them using two dyes spaced with a decolorizer. The mycobacteria retain the red dye and can be easily identified when compared to the blue surrounding tissue.

Why is AFB Staining Tissue suggested?

In case of persistence of the following symptoms Stain AFB (ZN Stain), Tissue is suggested:

  • Pain in the abdomen
  • Loss of appetite and weight
  • Chronic low-grade fever

How is Stain AFB (ZN Stain), Tissue performed?

The procedure followed during Stain AFB (ZN Stain), Tissue is fairly simple:

  • A sample of the tissue required is biopsied-
  • A needle would be inserted either into your abdomen or your skin
  • The tissue is extracted using the needle
  • The sample is put into a tight container to avoid contamination which is then taken into the lab for processing.

What are the parameters measured in Stain AFB (ZN Stain), Tissue?

The number of mycobacteria in the sample is measured tas a parameter in Stain AFB (ZN Stain), Tissue testing

  • Positive – 1+ & above
  • Negative – 0

Preparation before performing Stain AFB (ZN Stain), Tissue

No specific preparation is required on part of the Patient.

Post-care after Stain AFB (ZN Stain), Tissue

It is advised that adequate rest be taken to avoid further discomfort or pain after the procedure.

Sample types in Stain AFB (ZN Stain), Tissue

For Stain AFB (ZN Stain), Tissue sample is most commonly taken from tissues of the intestine, spleen or skin.

Side effects/ risks of Stain AFB (ZN Stain), Tissue

Stain AFB (ZN Stain), Tissue is done by inserting a needle for extraction and hence there might be a little discomfort or pain afterwards. However, there are no risks associated with the procedure.

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