Stain AFB (ZN Stain), Sputum

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AFB (Acid Fast Bacilli) staining or ZN (Ziehl-Neelson) staining is a stain that is used for detecting Mycobacteria in your sputum which is the main causative agent responsible for Tuberculosis.

What is Stain AFB (ZN Stain), Sputum?

Stain AFB (ZN Stain), Sputum is a procedure that involves using two dyes and an acid. The acid is used to decolorize the first dye; however, mycobacteria retain the dye and appear red on a blue background.

Why is AFB Staining Sputum suggested?

Stain AFB (ZN Stain), Sputum is suggested if you have:

  • Cough lasting for more than two weeks
  • High fever in the evening followed by night sweats
  • Weight loss and chest pain.

How is Stain AFB (ZN Stain), Sputum performed?

Stain AFB (ZN Stain), Sputum procedure:

  • The patient is asked to spit in two separate containers

(a)   Once in the evening

(b)   Once in the morning after, before consuming food

  • The samples are then dyed for five minutes and then looked under a microscope

What are the parameters measured in Stain AFB (ZN Stain), Sputum?

In Stain AFB (ZN Stain), Sputum testing, the number of mycobacteria is measured to determine the outcome of the result:

  • Positive – 1+ & above
  • Negative – 0

Preparation before performing Stain AFB (ZN Stain), Sputum

The following preparatory measures should be kept in mind for Stain AFB (ZN Stain), Sputum testing:

  • Stain AFB (ZN Stain), Sputum sample should be given before consuming food.

Post-care after Stain AFB (ZN Stain), Sputum

It’s a simple sputum test that requires no post-care.

Sample types in Stain AFB (ZN Stain), Sputum

Stain AFB (ZN Stain), Sputum testing requires taking a sputum sample that is provided by the patient in leak-proof containers to prevent loss of sample or contamination by other microbes.

Side effects/ risks of Stain AFB (ZN Stain), Sputum

Stain AFB (ZN Stain), Sputum is done outside the body and there are no side effects or risks of AFB Staining Sputum testing.

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