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SSEP Upper Limbs stands for Somatosensory Evoked Potential which is caused by an electric pulse. The test is done to evaluate the time taken by the nerves to respond to the stimuli. Through this test, the doctors can confirm if the sensory or nerve pathway of working fine.

What is SSEP Upper Limbs?

SSEP Upper limbs method uses electrodes over the upper limbs to record responses through SSEP. The readings of the technique  are viewed and noted on the EEG.

  • There are various reasons why the doctor may suggest an SSEP. One of them being the numbness in the upper limbs area.
  • People who complain of weakness in the upper limbs can also undergo SEEP.

The method tests the somatosensory nerve pathway to the upper limbs.

How is SSEP Upper Limbs performed?

SSEP Upper Limbs is performed as:

  • Electrodes are stuck or strapped on the upper limbs.
  • Tiny electric impulses stimulate nerves through a small generator.
  • The responses to stimuli are observed on the EEG.
  • After the readings, the patient can leave the room putting his clothes and shoes on.

SSEP Upper Limbs is extremely safe and a non-invasive technique.

Side effects/risks of SSEP Upper Limbs

Side effects of SSEP Upper Limbs are:

  • Mild skin irritation may be experienced in rare cases.

Preparation before performing SSEP Upper Limbs

Preparation for SSEP Upper Limbs is:

  • The current medication schedule to be informed to the doctor.
  • Arriving a bit earlier for the test is essential to avoid last minute panic.

Post-care after SSEP Upper Limbs

Post-care for SSEP Upper Limbs is not needed. The patient is at ease throughout the process and can leave for home after the test completes.

The mfine team makes best efforts to provide wellness facilities for their patients including SSEP Upper Limbs.

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