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Sodium is an electrolyte which helps in sending electrical signals through the cells and controls the amount of fluids in the body. The most common source of sodium in our diet is common salt or sodium chloride(NaCl) apart from other foods that we eat. Our body loses some amount of sodium in the form of sweat or waste products.

What is Sodium test?

The test focuses on the level of sodium in the blood and/or urine as low/high level can cause problems. The body manages to keep the blood sodium within a narrow range by producing hormones that regulate the sodium level and prevent water loss and also by controlling thirst. Altered sodium level alters the water content as well.

Why is Sodium test suggested?

The test is suggested if the doctor suspects abnormal sodium levels in the body. The test evaluates electrolyte balance and thus helps determine the cause of and plan the treatment for illnesses due to imbalanced sodium level.

How is Sodium test performed?

The test is performed by drawing blood sample from a vein in the arm, or sometimes a random, or 24-hour urine sample.

What are the parameters measured in Sodium test?

The test measures the sodium concentration in the blood/urine taken as sample.

Preparation before performing Sodium test.

No specific preparatory steps are required.

Post care after Sodium test

In case of low level, salt and fluid intake should be raised and vice versa. Further care needs to be taken according to the doctor’s instructions and prescribed treatment.

Sample types in Sodium test

There are two possible samples-

  • High Sodium level- Hypernatremia indicating extra loss of body fluids, diabetes in which kidneys do not conserve water, and excess salt intake.
  • Low Sodium Level- Hyponatremia indicating diarrhoea, excess release of vasopressin, increase in body fluid and problem in which ADH is released.
Side effects/ risks of Sodium test

The test does not have any specific risks/side effects.

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