Smear for Gonococci, Urine

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Gonorrhea is a common STD which has the the tendency to cause severe problems if not detected. The disease is caused by a bacteria called Neisseria gonorrhoeae and spreads through sexual contact.Gonorrhea can be treated with a course of antibiotics.

What is Smear for Gonococci, Urine?

The test is done to screen for and diagnose gonorrhea infection. Risk factors include having multiple sex partners, coinfection and not using a condom correctly and consistently. Signs and symptoms of the disease are similar and can be confused with that of other STDs.

Why is Smear for Gonococci, Urine suggested?

The test is done to diagnose gonorrhea depending on the symptoms. If gonorrhea goes untreated, in women, it can cause pelvic inflammatory diseases. In men, it can cause complications like inflammation of prostate gland, scarring of urethra or infertility.

How is Smear for Gonococci, Urine performed?

The initial stream of urine is collected in a container given by the doctor/ lab technician. Sometimes a swab or brush of cells from vagina(women) or penis(men) may also be collected.

  • Gonorrhea cultures are incubated for a min. of 48-72 hours.
  • Growth on MTM is screened for presumptive positives by oxidase test and gram stain.
  • Positive cultures are obtained by biochemical identification.
What are the parameters measured in Smear for Gonococci, Urine ?

The test checks whether the sample cultured is positive or negative.

Preparation before performing Smear for Gonococci, Urine .

No specific preparation is needed, however-

  • In case of a women using antibiotics or vaginal creams, should not use it within 24 hours before testing vaginal samples.
  • You may be asked to wait 1-2 hours since you last urinated before collecting the urine sample.
Post care after Smear for Gonococci, Urine.

Once diagnosed, the patient must complete his course of antibiotics to get rid of this STD.

Sample types in Smear for Gonococci, Urine.

Sample types may be endocervical, urethral, oropharynx or rectal.

Side effects/risks of Smear for Gonococci, Urine .

No specific side effects/risks.

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