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Slimgene is a genetic test for weight loss started by the Mapmygenome, with the help of which people can get an insight into the genetic predisposition of their appetite, fat storage and, absorption etc.

What is Slimgene?

Slimgene is a genetic analysis of eating habits, obesity, and fat metabolism.

Why is Slimgene suggested?

The Slimgene test is suggested by nutritionists to know about the appetite, fat storage, and absorption, and body mass index (BMI) to suggest a proper diet plan to achieve a healthy and fit body.

How is Slimgene performed?

The procedure for performing the Slimgene saliva test is as follows:

  • A Sponge is placed in the mouth and lower gums are rubbed.
  • The rubbing motions are repeated on the opposite side of the mouth.
  • Holding the tube upright, the cap is unscrewed from the tube.
  • The cap is turned upside down, the sponge is inserted into the tube and closed tightly.
  • The collected saliva sample can be kept stable for 90 days at room temp.

What are the parameters measured in Slimgene?

The parameters measured in the Slimgene test are eating habits, fat storage, fat absorption and, metabolism.

Preparation before performing Slimgene:

Fasting is required and no drinking water for 30 mins before the sample collection.

Apart from that, there are no special preparations needed before performing the Slimgene test.

Although the patient needs to inform the doctor about any medications or treatment the patient is undergoing.

Post-care after Slimgene:

There are no post care measures as such after performing the Slimgene.

Sample types in Slimgene:

The sample types of Slimgene analysis are:

  • Saliva
  • Blood

Side effects/risks of Slimgene:

There are no side effects after performing the Slimgene test.

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