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Overview Brief

An Ultrasound is a non-invasive imaging technique that is safe and painless. It uses a scope which in case of a Scrotal USG, is moved around in the scrotal area.

What is Scrotal USG?

A Scrotal USG or a scrotal ultrasound is an imaging technique that is used to evaluate the testicles and the surrounding scrotal tissues.

  • Generally used to confirm the presence of a mass in the scrotal area which was felt by the doctor or patient during examination[1].
  • Helps diagnose trauma or injury to the scrotal area.
  • Used to determine the cause of testicular pain.
  • Helps evaluate the cause of infertility in men.

A Scrotal USG  is helpful to locate undescended testes in young boys.

How is a Scrotal USG performed?

A Scrotal USG typically takes about 20-30 minutes.

  • You will be asked to lie on a table with your legs spread wide.
  • The technician or doctor will place a towel or pillow below your scrotum to elevate it [2].
  • Wide strips of tape may be put on your thighs or under your scrotum to further elevate it.
  • A ultrasound gel is applied to your testicles.
  • The scope is then glided over your scrotum and you may feel pressure.

By moving the scope back and forth on your scrotum, the technician/doctor gets different images of the area during a Scrotal USG.

Side effects/risks of Scrotal USG

Just like any other ultrasounds, a Scrotal USG has no known risks.

Preparation before performing Scrotal USG

For a Scrotal USG, Scrotal USG preparation before the procedure:

  • Change into a loose gown for easy scope access.[1].
  • Remove any jewellery or metal objects in the area.
  • No special preparation even for young boys who undergo the procedure.

Post-care after Scrotal USG

Once the Scrotal USG procedure is over:

  • The technician will ask you to wipe the gel applied.
  • You can carry on your daily routine and activities.

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