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Has your doctor suggested you for screening chest? Then you are in the right place. Read on to know all the important things about the process.

What is a screening chest?

MRI scan is used for screening chest that involves a strong magnetic field, radio waves and computer to produce detailed 3-dimensional images. Screening chest is painless and safe as there is no radiation involved in the procedure. Screening chest is done to diagnose cancer, blocked blood vessels, heart problems, etc…  [2]

How is screening chest performed?

The entire procedure of screening chest takes about 30 to 60 minutes but may last longer in certain cases.

  • Made to lie down in a motorized table that moves to and fro from the scanner.
  • Contrast dye may be given to produce clearer images.
  • Required to hold your breath and stay still during the scanning.
  • Multiple images are generated with each image showing a thin slice of the portion.

The images produced by screening chest are then processed by a computer to create 3-dimensional images. [3]

Side effects of screening chest

Screening chest using MRI comes with a few potential side effects but the benefits far outweigh the side effects.

  • Allergic reaction to contrast dye.
  • Nervous and anxiety while trying to lie still during scanning.
  • Affects the kidney function of patients with a medical history of kidney problems. [1]

Preparation before performing screening chest

You will have to talk to your doctor to get prepared yourself before performing a screening chest to avoid the side effects.

  • Taking anti-anxiety medication as per your doctor’s advice to stay calm during screening chest.
  • Blood and urea test to ensure the proper functioning of the kidney. [1]

Post-care after screening chest

There are no major restrictions to be followed after screening chest.

  • Contact your doctor immediately if you have allergies for more than 48 hours after screening chest.
  • Do not perform any physical activity for 24 hours if you have taken any relaxation medication. [1]

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