Rh Antibody Titres

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The Rh antibody titres test is used to determine the type and quantity of antibodies in the blood1.

What is Rh Antibody Titres?

An antibody is a protein made by our immune system to attack viruses and bacteria. The Rh (Rhesus factor) antibody Titres test determines the Rh negativity in a person2. The Rh antibody titres test is used in the early stages of a pregnancy to determine whether the woman is Rh-positive or Rh-negative. The test is later done on the newborn baby to see if the Rh factor has been passed on to the baby.

Why is Rh Antibody Titres suggested?

Rh antibody titres test is used for the following reasons1:

  • To determine the type and quality of antibodies in blood.
  • To monitor hemolytic problems in a baby.
  • To determine the strength of the body’s immune response.

How is Rh Antibody Titres performed?

Following is the procedure followed in an Rh antibody titres blood test:

  • A blood sample is taken for the test.
  • Alcohol is used to clean the skin where the needle will pierce the skin.
  • The technician wraps an elastic band above the elbow so that the veins can be easily seen.
  • The needle is injected near your elbow or the back of your hand and blood is collected in a plain tube attached to the needle. The needle is ejected from the skin.

The tube is labelled and sent to the lab where the Rh antibody titres blood test is performed on it.

What are the parameters measured in Rh Antibody Titres?

The result of an Rh antibody titres test is normal if it is greater than 1:16. In pregnant women values greater than 1:64 may pose a problem for the baby.

Preparation before performing Rh Antibody Titres

Rh antibody titres blood test does not require any particular preparation.

Post-care after Rh Antibody Titres

No particular post-care is required after Rh antibody blood test but it is advised to inform your doctor if you feel abnormal after the test.

Sample types in Rh Antibody Titres

Sample type used in an Rh antibody blood test is a blood sample.

Side effects/risks of Rh Antibody Titres

Following are the rare side effects of Rh antibody titres test:

  • Bruising
  • Lightheadedness
  • Hematoma
  • Infection

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