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Syphilis is a disease which is sexually transmitted. Rapid Plasma Reagin is a test to detect the disease in the patient.

What is Rapid Plasma Reagin?

Rapid Plasma Reagin refers to the test which screens the blood sample for syphilis.

  • Rapid Plasma Reagin test examines the antibodies which are generated while the body fights with an infection.
  • The test basically is done for confirming the presence of these antibodies and confirm the presence of syphilis in the system.

The Rapid Plasma Reagin test also helps the doctors to take the next steps regarding the treatment.

Why is Rapid Plasma Reagin suggested?

Rapid Plasma Reagin is suggested for the following:

  • If the doctors suspect that the patient is at higher risk of suffering from syphilis.
  • Also, if the patient shows symptoms like sores or rashes which point to syphilis.
  • Pregnant women need to be tested for RPR.

How is Rapid Plasma Reagin performed?

Rapid Plasma Reagin is performed as follows:

  • The patient is seated comfortably for sample collection from the vein of the arm.
  • A tight band is tied around the upper elbow region which makes the veins stand out.
  • The needle is inserted to collect the blood, after which the blood sample is sent to the lab for testing.

The patient can leave for home once the process is completed.

What are the parameters measured in Rapid Plasma Reagin?

Parameters measured in Rapid Plasma Reagin are:

  • Antibodies for syphilis.

Preparation before performing Rapid Plasma Reagin

No special preparation is required for the test.

Post-care after Rapid Plasma Reagin

Post-care for Rapid Plasma Reagin is:

  • Follow-up with the doctor for treatment programmes.

Sample types in Rapid Plasma Reagin

Sample types in Rapid Plasma Reagin:

  • Blood

Side effects/risks of Rapid Plasma Reagin

Side effects of Rapid Plasma Reagin are:

  • Bruising due to Venipuncture.
  • Soreness

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