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X – Ray Right Scapula LAT View


X-Ray Right Scapula LAT View helps in getting a clear image of scapula using X-rays.

What is X-Ray Right Scapula LAT View?

The X-rays can penetrate through the parts of the body and images are produced in accordance with the density of internal structures. Right scapula LAT views X-ray helps in determining scapula fractures and degenerative changes.

How is X-Ray Right Scapula LAT View?

Doctors advise X-Ray Right Scapula LAT View to get side view of the scapula.

  • The patient can either be erect or sitting in a position facing the upright detector.
  • The degree of anterior rotation may vary from patient to patient.
  • The scapula must end on the upright detector, and this could be done through palpation of scapula border.

The whole process of X-Ray Right Scapula LAT View takes nearly 10-20 minutes. The time varies from patient to patient.

Side effects/risks of X-Ray Right Scapula LAT View

The X-Ray Right Scapula LAT View does not require any injections or incisions.

  • Children and pregnant women should not undergo X-rays, except in an emergency.
  • Prolonged or frequent exposure to X-rays can cause damage to nearby tissues.

Preparation before performing X-Ray Right Scapula LAT View

Before going for X-Ray Right Scapula LAT View, schedule an appointment with the radiologist.

  • If contrast dye is used, it is advisable to fast for 3 hours before the test.
  • Remove all the jewelry items, watches, and metal items before entering the scanning room.

Post-care after X-Ray Right Scapula LAT View

Little post care is needed after  X-Ray Right Scapula LAT View.

  • Take medications as usual.
  • In cases where allergic symptoms arise, see your doctor immediately.

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