X – Ray Left Thumb AP LAT View

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The X-ray left thumb AP LAT view includes two diagnostic views for assessing the thumb to detect the presence of foreign bodies or suspected dislocations.

What is X-ray Left Thumb AP LAT View?

X-ray Left Thumb AP LAT View is one of the standard views acquired that is required to assess the condition of the left thumb. AP refers to the anteroposterior view and the lateral view is an orthogonal projection of the AP view to help identify any foreign bodies or dislocations in the thumb.

How is X-ray Left Thumb AP LAT View Performed?

X-ray Left Thumb AP LAT View is performed in the following steps:

  • The patient is asked to sit by the table.
  • The forearm is placed on the table.
  • The wrist is kept in ulnar deviation and the thumb is abducted.
  • The thumb is brought into position by curling the fingers.

Side Effects/Risks of X-ray Left Thumb AP LAT View

X-rays can cause harm to pregnant women and X-rays should be avoided unless absolutely necessary.

Preparation before Performing X-ray Left Thumb AP LAT View

No special preparation is necessary before going for an X-ray Left Thumb AP LAT View scan. However, patients should

  • Remove watches.
  • Remove rings and other hand jewelry.
  • Remove other metal objects or anything that may interfere with obtaining a detailed image of the thumb.
  • Use protective shielding for parts of the body that are not being scanned.

Post-care after X-ray Left Thumb AP LAT View

No special post-care is necessary after performing X-ray Left Thumb AP LAT View. The patient should contact their doctor immediately if they experience any discomfort.

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