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X – Ray Left Leg LAT View

Overview Brief

A Left Leg LAT View X-Ray is used to assess bones for fracture, injuries, tenderness, and other abnormalities.

What is Left Leg LAT View X-Ray?

X-Ray imaging of the parts of the leg is done. This includes the X-Ray imaging of the tibia and fibula (lower limb) and the femur (upper leg). Several images may be required to ensure that the whole bone is covered. [1]

The Left Leg LAT X-Ray image is used for the following:

  • Detection of a broken bone.
  • Determining whether a previously broken bone is satisfactorily aligned.
  • Determining the root cause of pain, tenderness and abnormalities.

How is Left Leg LAT View X-Ray performed?

The is Left Leg LAT View X-Ray performed by placing the leg under an X-Ray machine. [3]

  • The patient lays down on the table in a lateral position.
  • The target leg can be bent or stiff.
  • The healthy leg is placed behind the injured limb to avoid rotation.

The procedure may also take place in a standing position.

The entire procedure takes about 10-15 minutes.

Side effects/risks of Left Leg LAT View X-Ray

A Left Leg LAT View X-Ray has minimal risk of causing cancer and other radiation related side effects. Children may be more susceptible to the effects of radiation.

Preparation before performing Left Leg LAT View X-Ray

No extensive preparation is required before getting a Left Leg LAT View X-Ray.

However, some important points to keep in mind are [2]:

  • Remove any clothing around the leg to prevent it from obstructing the X-Ray image.
  • Remove all jewellery and metal objects so that they do not appear on the X-Ray.
  • Inform the technician of any metal implants so that it can be taken into consideration while viewing the X-Ray.

It is advisable to reach the test centre in advance to prepare better.

Post-care after Left Leg LAT View X-Ray

Patients may carry on with their daily routines after the X-Ray is done.

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