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X – Ray Dorsolumbar Spine AP/LAT Standing View


The dorsolumbar spine is very flexible and prone to friction injuries. X-Ray Dorsolumbar Spine AP/LAT Standing View detects such complications.

What is X-Ray Dorsolumbar Spine AP/LAT Standing View?

A scan that involves X-rays passing from the front to the back is called AP-anteroposterior. The process in which radiation is passed from the side to side is called LAT. An X-ray of the dorsolumbar spine gives a 360-degree standing view of the lumbar region and detects
● Birth defects.
● Bone spurs.
● Lower back pain.
● Cancers.
● Fractures and sports-related injuries.
● Osteoporosis.
● Scoliosis.
● Herniated disc.
● Epidural hematoma.
● Osteoarthritis.

How is X-Ray Dorsolumbar Spine performed?

Depending on the type of ailment suspected, the technician asks the patient to lie down or stand up. The following steps are performed:

  • The patient is asked to hold their breath and maintain an erect posture.
  • The procedure usually lasts for 5-20 minutes.

Side effects/risks of X-Ray Dorsolumbar Spine

Studies have shown that excessive exposure to radiation may lead to an increased risk of cancer. The following side effects may also be observed:

  • Patients with open wounds stand a risk of infection.
  • Patients may experience nausea, vomiting, bleeding, hair loss, etc.

Preparation before performing X-Ray Dorsolumbar Spine

Certain measures are to be taken before X-Ray Dorsolumbar Spine AP/LAT Standing View:

  • Metal accessories should be removed.
  • The patient is asked to change into a hospital gown.
  • The physician should be informed about pregnancy prior to an X-ray scan as it may affect the fetus.

Post care after X-Ray Dorsolumbar Spine

There are no particular post-care measures to be followed after an X-ray. If the patient experiences any discomfort, they should inform the doctor immediately.

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