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X – Ray Clavicle Right SIde

Overview Brief

X-ray clavicle is an imaging procedure of the body. The X-ray is used to detect injuries and fractures in the clavicle region.

What is X-Ray Clavicle Right Side?

The X-ray of the clavicle is a standard imaging procedure used to detect injuries in the clavicle region.

The right clavicle is the bone that lies between the breastbone and the right shoulder blade. The X-ray projection of the clavicle includes an AP shoulder projection and an AP clavicle projection with cephalic angulation1. The X-ray demonstrates the shoulder in its natural anatomical position with a focus on the right side allowing for adequate radiographic examination2. The X-ray imaging is based on the principle that different parts of the body absorb the electromagnetic waves differently and hence help us detect abnormalities.

How is X-Ray Clavicle Right Side performed?

Following are the steps of an X-ray of the right clavicle3:

  • The patient is told to stand erect.
  • The affected arm will be in a neutral position by the patient side
  • During the x-ray, you will be asked to remain really still because movement can cause blurry images.
  • After this, the machine will capture images of the clavicle.

The X-ray procedure of the right clavicle is a painless one.

Side effects/risks of X-Ray Clavicle Right Side

Following are the risks of X-ray clavicle:

  • Radiation exposure.
  • The risk to pregnant women, as the radiation may be unsafe for the unborn baby.

Preparation before performing X-Ray Clavicle Right Side

Following are the preparation measures before X-ray clavicle3 right side:

  • The doctor must be informed if you are pregnant if there’s a chance you could be.
  • Inform the doctor about any intrauterine device (IUD).
  • Remove all metal objects, like jewellery or piercings before an x-ray.

Post-care after X-Ray Clavicle Right Side

One may resume normal activities after the X-ray of the clavicle.

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