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Overview Brief

The Left Lateral Decubitus View Chest X-Ray is used to detect air trapping in the lungs region. 

What Is Left Lateral Decubitus View Chest X-Ray?

This specialized projection demonstrates small pleural effusions, and air trapping due to inhaled foreign bodies in the pneumothorax.

Lateral Decubitus position can reveal the condition of the lungs, detect cancer, infection, or air collection. It is helpful to assess the volume of pleural effusion and demonstrate whether a pleural effusion is mobile or loculated. This X-Ray is taken in full inspiration state. Air trapping can be confirmed if it reveals that dependant’s lung doesn’t increase in density due to atelectasis from the mediastinum putting pressure on it.

For best results, rotation of hip joint and shoulders must be minimized.

How Is Left Lateral Decubitus View Chest X-Ray Performed?

The procedure is as follows:

  • The patient is made to change into a hospital gown, with belts, zippers, and ornaments removed.
  • The patient is made to lie in left lateral position on top of a radiolucent sponge.
  • The detector is placed in a landscape position, running parallel to the long axis of the thorax.
  • Patient’s hands is raised to avoid superimposing images.
  • Rotation of shoulders and pelvis should be minimised.

The side of interest of the patient must be facing up while performing this X-Ray.

Side Effects/Risks Of Left Lateral Decubitus View Chest X-Ray

Risks related to Chest X-Rays are:

  • Radiation exposure for those regularly getting X-Rays done.
  • Exposure of abdominal area to X-Rays for pregnant women or those likely to be pregnant.

Preparation Before Performing Left Lateral Decubitus View Chest X-Ray

Before undergoing this X-Ray you will need to:

  • Undress from the waist up and wear a hospital gown.
  • Remove jewelry from the waist up.
  • Inform the radiologist about ferromagnetic implants.

Post-Care After Left Lateral Decubitus View Chest X-Ray

This X-Ray is a painless process and you will not feel any sensations.     

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