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USG Level 1 (NT/NB)


USG Level 1 (NT/NB) is a complete, detailed analysis of fetal anatomy and growth.

What is USG Level 1 (NT/NB)?

USG Level 1 (NT/NB) is an ultrasound scan that is taken between eleven and fourteen weeks of pregnancy.

Growing babies have some amount of fluid at the back of their neck. This collection of fluid is known as nuchal translucency. The quantity of this fluid needs to be measured during the USG Level 1 (NT/NB) scan.

The USG Level 1 (NT/NB) test will also help to determine if the baby may or may not have down syndrome.

How is USG Level 1 (NT/NB) performed?

The USG Level 1 (NT/NB) is done through the stomach using ultrasound equipment.

  • The radiologist will put gel on your stomach and will move the transducer device over your stomach.
  • You will be able to see your baby’s hands, head and feet on the screen.

After USG Level 1 (NT/NB) sonography, you will be offered a more detailed scan between 18 to 21 weeks.

Side effects/risks of USG Level 1 (NT/NB)

The USG Level 1 (NT/NB) scan is a method that is non-invasive. The USG Level 1 (NT/NB) scan is a safe procedure.

Preparation before performing USG Level 1 (NT/NB)

There is not much preparation to be done before USG Level 1 (NT/NB) test. Just a few things to know:

  • Your doctor might recommend that you drink water at least one hour before your USG Level 1 (NT/NB) appointment, as a full bladder will make it easier to see the ultrasound pictures.
  • You may have to wear a loose clothing.

Post-care after USG Level 1 (NT/NB)

After the USG Level 1 (NT/NB) scan, there is no special care to be taken. Depending on your report, your gynecologist will recommend you for further treatment.

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