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USG Guided – Small Aspiration

Overview Brief

USG (ultrasound-guided) small aspiration is a type of biopsy procedure which helps in the diagnosis of cancer. 

What Is USG Guided Small Aspiration?

USG guided small aspiration is a procedure in which a sample is collected from the suspicious area which is then checked for cancer cells. It uses sound waves to detect any abnormality. The USG guided small aspiration does not involve ionizing radiation and is less invasive as compared to surgical biopsy.

How Is The USG-guided Small Aspiration Performed?

Following is the procedure for the USG guided small aspiration:

  • The technician will ask you to lie down on the examination table.
  • An ultrasound probe will be used to detect the suspicious area in the abnormal appearing tissue.
  • During this procedure, a thin and hollow needle will be inserted in the suspicious area to collect the sample for analysis.
  • A lubricating gel will then be applied to the areas that will be examined.
  • The ultrasound probe transmits sound waves and will create pictures of the inside of your body on the monitor.
  • New needles will be injected in case more samples are required.

Side effects/Risks Of USG-guided Small Aspiration Performed

Following are risks associated with this test:

  • It may lead to infection, injury, and bleeding at the site of the biopsy.

Preparation Before Performing USG-guided Small Aspiration

Keep the following things in mind before performing USG guided small aspiration:

  • Inform your healthcare provider if you have any bleeding problem or take blood thinners.
  • You’d have to stop taking blood thinning agents such as aspirin, Lovenox®, Plavix®.

Post-care After USG-guided Small Aspiration

The aftercare instructions vary for USG guided small aspiration test. Speak to your healthcare provider if you face any discomfort at the biopsy site. If you have any queries, you may book an appointment with our top specialists on mfine.

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