Neck Cerebral Angiography

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Overview Brief

Neck Cerebral Angiography is a diagnostic imaging procedure to evaluate the blood vessels in the head and neck.  (1)

What is Neck Cerebral Angiography Test?

Neck Cerebral Angiography is a diagnostic tool that helps in the diagnosis of clots and blocks in the blood vessels, identify blood vessels feeding a tumour and to detect aneurysms and stenosis. Neck Cerebral Angiography uses iodine contrast and x-rays to generate clear images of the blood vessels in head and neck region. (1)

How is Neck Cerebral Angiography Performed?

Neck Cerebral Angiography is a minimally invasive procedure.

  • An IV is inserted to inject sedation and pain medication.
  • Devices that monitor blood pressure and heart rate are attached to the patient.
  • The patient is made to lie on the examination tabl
  • A small catheter is inserted into a blood vessel and is guided to the neck and cerebral region using x-ray guidance.
  • Once the catheter reaches the inspection spot, an iodine contrast solutions is injected.
  • Several x-ray images of the blood vessels in brain and neck are take

Neck Cerebral Angiography takes approximately 3 hours.

Side-effects of Neck Cerebral Angiography

Neck Cerebral Angiography is performed using X-rays.

  • The contrast may cause allergies and kidney damage.
  • Risk of bleeding and bruising the blood vessel.
  • Blood clots caused by insertion of catheter.
  • Risk of stroke.

Preparation before Performing Neck Cerebral Angiography

Neck Cerebral Angiography is a pre-scheduled procedure.

  • If you are going to be sedated during Neck Cerebral Angiography, fast for 8 hours before the procedure.
  • Discuss medications to stop taking before the procedure, with your doctor.

Post-care after Neck Cerebral Angiography

Patients undergoing Neck Cerebral Angiography are placed under observation for a few hours after the test.

  • Patients can resume normal activities after twelve hours, after the Neck Cerebral Angiograph
  • Drink plenty of water to flush out the contrast.

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