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NCCT Right Elbow Joint

Overview Brief

The NCCT Right Elbow Joint is a computerized tomography scan to detect problems in the elbow joint region.

What is NCCT Right Elbow Joint?

NCCT Right Elbow Joint is a scan that allows the radiologists to detect various tissue, tendon and bone problems in the elbow region. The non-contrast CT provides a perfect view of the underlying problems to the Radiologist. (1)

How is NCCT Right Elbow Joint Performed?

The NCCT Right Elbow Joint is a pain-free procedure and the patient is discharged 30 minutes after the scan.

  • The patient is made to lie on the CT table and the scan is performed.
  • The patient should remove all the metal-based object in their body before the scan.
  • The patient should remain still during the process for clear imaging.

Patients after NCCT Right Elbow Joint scan is completed can leave the hospital after 30 minutes of observation.

Side-effects of NCCT Right Elbow Joint

NCCT Right Elbow Joint is a safe procedures except for a few treatable side effects,

  • Dangers of exposure to radiation even though a single scan won’t cause damage.
  • Harmful effects of radiation on children and foetus in pregnant women.
  • Patient may feel tired due to fasting.

Preparation before NCCT Right Elbow Joint

Patients have to schedule NCCT Right Elbow Joint scan and arrive on time.

  • Avoid consuming solid food and heavy drinks at least four hours before the process.
  • inform the doctor about allergies, chronic ailments and other health history.
  • Abstaining using medications as advised by the doctor.

Post-care after NCCT Right Elbow Joint

As per the instructions of the radiologist after NCCT Right Elbow Joint scan the patient should,

  • Consume lots of liquids to cool the stomach before taking solid food.
  • Report discomfort to the doctor.

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