MRI Whole Abdomen With Contrast

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Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) for the abdomen is used to identify the causes behind pain, weakness, swelling or bleeding in the abdomen. It provides detailed images of structures inside the abdomen such as organs, soft tissues, bones, and other structures using MRI contrast agents. These contrast agents enhance the visibility of internal body structures and are usually made out of gadolinium.

What is an MRI Whole Abdomen with Contrast?

The MRI Whole Abdomen with Contrast is a procedure performed using magnetic imaging after the administration of a contrast dye. These are recommended in case of sweeping, bleeding, or pain in the abdomen region. They are used by doctors to detect abnormalities in the organs, blood flow, or as a form of secondary examination.  

How is an MRI Whole Abdomen with Contrast performed?

The MRA procedure usually lasts from about 30 minutes to an hour, but could sometimes last longer.

  • The patient is made to lie on a table that moves into the MRI Scanner.
  • The contrast dye is administered intravenously.
  • The entire body or the required part of the body will be inside the scanner.
  • Patients are often asked to wear a gown as no metal is allowed during the procedure.

Side effects or risks of an MRI Whole Abdomen with Contrast

The MRI Whole Abdomen with Contrast is a non-invasive as it does not use any radiation and is one of the safest procedures. 

  • Anti-anxiety medication is provided to those suffering from claustrophobia.
  • Very rarely patients can be allergic to the dye, which can, however, be cured through medication.

Preparation before performing an MRI Whole Abdomen with Contrast

The MRI Whole Abdomen with Contrast requires minimal preparation:

  • Inform the doctor prior if you are pregnant or have any health complications.
  • No metal is permitted inside the MRI Room including body piercings, cochlear implants, dental work, and even certain tattoos. Wear clothes without any metal fasteners.

Post-care after an MRI Whole Abdomen with Contrast

The MRI Whole Abdomen with Contrast does not cause any symptoms that require recovery. Consult a doctor on mfine to find if you need to undergo MRI Whole Abdomen with Contrast.

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