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MRI Screening PNS

Overview Brief

MRI Screening PNS is becoming practical and very common with the developing availability of 3T magnets.

What is MRI Screening PNS?

MRI Screening PNS is a modern technique that is very useful in diagnosing disorders of the peripheral nerves ahead of the spinal canal.

MRI Screening PNS provides detail of the causes of inflammatory, neoplastic and other diseases that are affecting the peripheral nerves.

If there is a severe nerve injury, your doctor might suggest to get an MRI Screening PNS done.

How is MRI Screening PNS performed?

It is very important to get medical care as soon as possible for a peripheral nerve injury by MRI Screening PNS.

  • An MRI Screening PNS is a use of radio waves and powerful magnets to give complete images of the nerves.
  • A technician or a radiologist will perform an MRI Screening PNS.

The MRI Screening PNS may take around an hour to complete.

Side effects/risks of MRI Screening PNS

Since there is no use of radiation, there is not much risk after an MRI Screening PNS procedure.

If there is any risk according to the medication or the problem that you may have, your doctor will guide you and give you the best information about what needs to be done.

Preparation before performing MRI Screening PNS

Make sure you tell your doctor everything that is required before an MRI Screening PNS test.

Your doctor will then guide you with the preparation and what is required to be done before an MRI Screening PNS procedure.

Post-care after MRI Screening PNS

After the MRI Screening PNS test, the care that needs to be taken depends on your problem, and that will be suggested by your doctor accordingly.

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