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MRI Screening of Brain

MRI Screening of Brain is the process which demonstrates clear images of the brain and the brain stem.

What is MRI Screening of Brain?

MRI Screening of Brain uses magnetic and radio waves to diagnose aneurysms or swelling of the brain.

  • Spinal cord injuries, tumors, bleeding, multiple sclerosis are some of the other problems associated with the brain which can be diagnosed through MRI.
  • Not only a specific condition, but some symptoms can also be investigated through MRI like the seizures, weakness, blurry vision, headaches.

MRI is also done before surgery, to understand the severity of the condition.

How is MRI Screening of Brain performed?

MRI Screening of Brain is performed in the following way:

  • Kids or adults with claustrophobia need to be sedated.
  • With the patient on the table, the table is slid into the MRI unit.
  • A coil may be placed over the head of the patient.
  • After the images are taken, the patient is brought out of the machine.

The process may complete in half an hour to one hour.

Side effects/risks of MRI Screening of Brain

There are no risks associated with the MRI Screening of Brain, though some patients may develop an allergy to the contrast material if it is used.

Preparation before performing MRI Screening of Brain

Preparation for MRI Screening of Brain is as follows:

  • Inner ear implants or any other metal implant in the body should be informed about, to the doctors well in advance prior to the MRI.
  • If claustrophobic, then the patient should inform the doctor, so that mild anesthesia can be given.

Post-care after MRI Screening of Brain

Post care of MRI Screening of Brain involves:

  • The patient may be moved to a recovery zone if he has been sedated.
  • The patient can leave for home once the process is done.

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