MRI Left Ankle With Contrast

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An MRI Left Ankle with contrast helps in diagnosing ankle problems like fractures,

sprains, swelling etc.

What is MRI Left Ankle With Contrast?

MRI Left Ankle with contrast is a diagnostic test that takes images of the left ankle,

with contrast dye injected into the patient.

  • MRI Left Ankle with contrast is performed to examine the bones and tissues of the ankle for the presence of abnormalities or any injuries.
  • The test makes use of a strong magnetic field to create Magnetic Resonance Images (MRI), which are further monitored.
  • The MR images are 2D and make use of a contrast having gadolinium.

MRI Left Ankle with contrast produces detailed images of the ankle with enhanced


How is MRI Left Ankle with contrast performed?

Often the MRI Left Ankle with contrast is performed by injecting anaesthesia or

steroids into the joint of the left ankle. Further, the test is completed in the following way:

  • The patient is positioned on an examination table and local anaesthesia is inserted into the joint.
  • Fluoroscopy or ultrasound is carried out as contrast material is injected into the joint space.
  • The MRI exam might take up to an hour to complete.

After the test, the radiologist evaluates the results and may give additional information to the patient.

Side Effects/Risks of MRI left ankle with contrast

The risks involved with MRI left ankle with contrast are:

  • Risk of interference with implanted devices like pacemakers due to the presence of a strong magnet.
  • Risk of an allergic reaction to the contrast dye.
  • Risk for pregnant women during their first trimester.

Preparation before performing MRI Left Ankle with contrast

Preparation for MRI left ankle with contrast includes:

  • The patient can take food, water, and medications as usual.
  • Accessories and valuables should be removed.
  • Usage of any implantable devices must be reported to the doctor.

Post-care after MRI left ankle with contrast

After the MRI left ankle with contrast, the patient is supposed to:

  • Get up slowly from the examination table to avoid dizziness.
  • Rest for a while and avoid activities like driving.
  • Notice if any redness, pain, or rashes occur after the test.

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