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Mammography-One SIde

Overview Brief

Mammography-One Side is an X-Ray scan done to detect breast cancer in a woman.

What is Mammography- One Side?

Mammography- One Side is a diagnostic procedure in which low doses of X-ray radiation are used to detect early signs of breast cancer in a woman before they progress further. Mammography- One Side is specifically used for the detection of breast cancer in women. It is a highly beneficial test as it helps to reduce the risk of breast cancer deaths by 25-30% [1]. It is recommended that all women above the age of 40 go for annual mammograms as a preventive measure. Other disorders detected by Mammography- One Side include cysts, adenosis, fibrosis and breast abscess.

How is Mammography- One Side performed?

Mammography- One Side is performed in a designated exam room.

  • The patient changes into a hospital gown.
  • The radiologist assists the patient with compressing the breast between two clear plates [2].
  • X-rays are taken while the breast is compressed.
  • The entire procedure takes around 30 minutes.

Side effects/risks of Mammography- One Side

While Mammography- One Side is a highly safe procedure, possible risks involved include

  • Potential harm to unborn foetuses due to radiation.
  • Risk of inaccurate diagnosis of either the presence or absence of cancer.

Preparations before performing Mammography- One Side

The following preparations will help to ensure that Mammography- One Side goes smoothly.

  • The radiologist must be informed of any previous surgery or treatment on the breast.
  • All metallic objects like jewellery must be removed [3].
  • It is advisable to get a second opinion on the results to reduce the risk of inaccuracy.

Post-care after Mammography- One Side

No specific post-care is required after Mammography- One Side. The radiologists will share the test results with the patient within one or two days.

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