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CECT PNS Saggital View


Since the peripheral nervous system acts as a bridge between the brain, spinal cord, and the rest of the body, it could be affected by injuries or toxins. A CECT PNS Saggital view offers a longitudinal view of the body and helps in the diagnostic process.

What is CECT PNS Saggital View?

In a CECT PNS Saggital view scan, the body is divided in the middle in the right and left halves. It is called Saggital because during the division of the body, it crosses the line in the skull where the right and left halves meet. The CECT PNS Saggital view of scans help to identify tumors. With the help of a contrast-enhanced scan, chronic, inflammatory, and neoplastic process can also be picked up and treated accordingly.

How is CECT PNS Saggital View Scan Performed?

The CECT PNS Saggital View scan takes anywhere between ten minutes to an hour.

  1. The patient is made to lie down on an examination table.
  2. Straps and pillows may be used to maintain the right position and help a patient remain still.
  3. Patients are injected with a contrast material to ensure enhanced visibility of tissues and blood vessels.
  4. The table moves through the scanner slowly so that the required area is scanned.

After the CECT PNS Saggital View scan is completed, a patient may have to wait for a few more minutes so that image quality can be verified.

Sideeffects of CECT PNS Saggital View Scan

There are no side effects to a CECT PNS Saggital View scan.

Preparation Before Performing CECT PNS Saggital View Scan

Before undergoing a CECT PNS Saggital View scan, patients have to answer a list of questions. Patients have to inform their physician about possible allergies and health issues like diabetes, asthma, etc. to reduce the risk of allergies and adverse effects. Patients must also take off jewelry, dentures, and other accessories with metal content.

Post-care After CECT PNS Saggital View Scan

Patients must drink plenty of water to flush the contrast medium out of their system.

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