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Arterial & Venous Doppler Both Lower Limb


The arterial doppler both lower limb test is the standard procedure for evaluating arterial health in the legs. It is a safe, painless, and highly accurate test.

What is arterial Doppler both lower limb?

The arterial Doppler both lower limb is an ultrasound test that checks for arterial damage or blockages in the lower limbs. The test is designed to detect any clots, defects in the blood vessels or disorders such as peripheral arterial disease (PAD). Non-invasive tests like the arterial Doppler both lower limb have become a standard choice for assessing arterial health in the body’s extremities.

How is arterial doppler both lower limb performed?

The arterial doppler both lower limb is performed in the radiology department by a trained specialist.

  • A water-soluble gel is applied to a device that transmits high-frequency sound waves to the relevant artery.
  • The device is moved over each relevant body part to capture images.

Patients may have to lie in different positions to capture all angles of the image

Side effects/risks of arterial doppler both lower limb

While the test is free of side effects, the risks of Arterial Doppler Both Lower Limb are

  • Risk to pregnancy due to heating effects from the high frequencies emitted during the test.

Preparation before performing arterial doppler both lower limb

To perform the arterial doppler both lower limb safely, the following preparations should be undertaken:

  • The patient may need to wear a hospital gown depending on which area will be tested.
  • Radiologists must be informed of pregnancy so that the amount of radiation that the fetus is exposed to can be minimized.

Post-care after arterial doppler both lower limb

No special post-care is needed for arterial doppler both lower limb. The test results will be shared by the physician in a few days.

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