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3D CT Styloid Process


3D CT Styloid Process is a computerized Tomography of the Styloid Process that helps in the diagnosis of Eagle’s syndrome.

What is 3D CT Styloid Process?

3D CT Styloid Process aids in the evaluation of the styloid process in relation to its length, direction, and surrounding anatomical relations. 3D CT Styloid Process aids in the diagnosis of symptoms such as headache, cervical pain, change in voice, foreign body sensation in pharynx and hypersalivation.

How is 3D CT Styloid Process Performed?

3D CT Styloid Process is a painless and quick process to diagnose Eagle’s syndrome. The process involves

Patient has to lie down on his back on a CT examination table.

The head is held in place using a holder.

An IV is inserted to inject the contrast.

The table passes through a circular scanning machine, which generates and detects x-rays.

3D reconstructions of the neck and styloid process show abnormalities in the styloid process.

3D CT Styloid Process is an accurate procedure to diagnose the abnormalities of the styloid process.

Side-effects of 3D CT Styloid Process

3D CT Styloid Process is a safe procedure without much side –effects. Some rare complications include

Allergic reaction to the contrast.

Kidney damage caused by the contrast.

Cancer caused by exposure to radiation during 3D CT Styloid Process.

Bruising and pain at the IV site.

Preparation before Performing 3D CT Styloid Process

3D CT Styloid Process produces clear images of the styloid process and the neck. Preparation before the test includes

Inform health issues, allergies and medical history to the doctor.

If pregnant, notify your doctor.

Discuss medications to be discontinued before the 3D CT Styloid Process, with the doctor.

Wear comfortable clothes. Remove jewellery and metal objects before entering the CT room.

Fast for a few hours before the test.

Do not consume liquids one hour before the test.

Post-care of 3D CT Styloid Process

3D CT Styloid Process does not require any post-care.

Consume lots of fluids to flush out the dye.

Report symptoms of allergy to the doctor.

Patients can go home and resume a normal routine after the test.

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