3D CT of Left Thigh

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Overview of 3D CT of Left Thigh

A 3D CT of left thigh is a 3D scan of the left thigh with a CT scanning machine. It helps with a proper diagnosis of an injury.

What is 3D CT of Left Thigh?

A 3D CT scan of left thigh is done to get information about the bones, tissues and blood vessels through non-invasive methods.

Multiple X-rays are taken with a CT scanner, and they are composited to produce a 3D image.

It clearly presents abnormalities, injuries, and other problems.

Radiologists specialise in developing scans using a 3D CT machine.

How is 3D CT of Left Thigh Performed?

A skilled radiologist performs a 3D CT of left thigh.

The patient lies down on a sliding table which enters the CT scanner.

The patient lies still while multiple X-rays are taken.

The X-rays are combined to make a 3D CT of left thigh.

Side Effects/Risks of 3D CT of Left Thigh

Some side effects are possible as a result of doing a 3D CT of left thigh.

Some patients are allergic to the contrast dye.

Exposure to some amount of radiation.

Preparation Before Performing 3D CT of Left Thigh

The patient is prepared for a 3D CT of left thigh in the following way

The patient has to refrain from eating and drinking.

They must remove any jewellery or metal objects.

Post-Care After 3D CT of Left Thigh

Some care may be necessary after the 3D CT of left thigh.

Observing any allergic reactions to the contrast dye.

Drinking a lot of water.

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