3D CT Left Wrist

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Overview of 3D CT Left Wrist

Learn all about how radiologists use a CT scanner to develop a 3D CT left wrist.

What is 3D CT Left Wrist?

A 3D CT left wrist refers to rendering a 3D image of the wrist using a 3D scanner.  3D scanning of the left wrist is done by radiologists to give a 3D view of the inside of the wrist without cutting. This can help radiologists diagnose problems such as fractures, deformities through the 3D CT left wrist. A 3D CT left wrist scan gives a more detailed picture compared to a 2D scan.

How is a 3D CT Left Wrist Performed?

The 3D CT left wrist is done by a radiologist using a CT scanner.

Pre-procedural preparation of the patient.

The patient ingests contrast dye to make the tissues appear clearly while scanning.

The patient lies down on a table attached to the CT machine into which they are rolled.

The scanner takes several X-ray images to make 3D images of the 3D CT left wrist.

A 3D CT left wrist takes 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

Side effects/risks of a 3D CT Left Wrist

Doing a 3D CT left wrist scan comes with certain risks which are common to CT scans.

The patient is exposed to slight doses of radiation creating a chance of contracting cancer.

Some patients might be allergic to the contrast dye.

Preparation Before Performing 3D CT Left Wrist

The patient must be prepared according to the radiologist’s advice.

Should avoid food and drink before the procedure.

Should remove jewelry or clothes with metal fastenings.

Should ingest a contrast dye if suggested to before the 3D CT left wrist scan.

Post-care After 3D CT Left Wrist

Post-care is necessary after 3D CT left wrist scan.

A friend or family member can support and transport the patient home.

The patient is monitored for allergic reactions to the contrast dye.

Rashes, difficulty breathing, swelling or pain is observed after the 3D CT left wrist scan.

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