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To examine the level of procalcitonin in your blood, a procalcitonin test is done. The level of procalcitonin can determine whether or not the patient is dealing with acute bacterial infections like sepsis. [1]

What is procalcitonin?

When the human body suffers a tissue injury or any kind of bacterial infections, the body cells produce a substance called Procalcitonin.

When the level of Procalcitonin increases at an alarming rate, that is an indication of severe systematic bacterial infections along with sepsis. Sepsis, however, is your body’s response to infection. To determine whether or not a patient is dealing with sepsis, a Procalcitonin test is done.

Procalcitonin test is a must if you come across the symptoms of septic. [1][2]

Why Procalcitonin suggested?

A Procalcitonin test is suggested for the following reasons – [1][2]

  • To diagnose sepsis along with other systematic bacterial infections.
  • To distinguish between non-bacterial and bacterial infections.
  • To determine how critical the septic infection is.
  • To identify kidney infections among children suffering from UTI.
  • To help provide antibiotic treatment.

How is Procalcitonin performed?

The Procalcitonin test is performed the following way –

  • The specialist will take a blood sample from the patient’s vein with the help of a needle.
  • Once collected in a small container, the sample then is sent to the laboratory. [1]

The patient may feel a little tingling sensation when the needle is inserted while providing blood samples for Procalcitonin.

What are the parameters measured in Procalcitonin?

The only parameter measured in the Procalcitonin test is to find out the level of Procalcitonin in blood. High level of Procalcitonin means increased risks of bacterial infections. The level of Procalcitonin in blood should be less than 2 ng/mL. [3]

Preparation before Procalcitonin

No special preparations are required for Procalcitonin.


Sample types in Procalcitonin

The Procalcitonin test can be done by anyone.

Side effects of Procalcitonin

No such side effects are seen while getting a Procalcitonin test done. The only concern is the patient may feel a tingling sensation where the needle was inserted.

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