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A Progesterone Receptor test is a very significant tool in determining the treatment method of Breast cancer.

What is Progesterone Receptor test?

Progesterone Receptors are proteins to which Progesterone, the human hormone, will bind. [1]

The presence or absence of Progesterone Receptors is checked in Breast cancer cells through the Progesterone Receptor test. If the presence of Progesterone Receptors is observed, it means that the cancerous cells generally respond to hormone therapy. [2]


Breast cancer patients, who are positive for Progesterone Receptor test, are given hormone therapy drugs for treatment [3], which makes the Progesterone Receptor test extremely significant.

Why is Progesterone Receptor suggested?

A Progesterone Receptor test can be advised by the physician for the following possible reasons [4] [5] –

  • To detect the type of Breast cancer in the patient.
  • To get more information regarding the type of Breast cancer.
  • To determine the method of treatment of Breast cancer.

How is Progesterone Receptor test performed?

A progesterone Receptor test requires a tissue sample from the affected area. This can be obtained in any one of the following ways [4]

  • By using a very fine needle and obtaining a minute amount of tissue.
  • Obtain a cylinder-shaped tissue from affected area with the help of a larger needle while using a local anesthetic.
  • Through Vacuum-assisted biopsy after numbing the skin.
  • Through Surgical open biopsy under anesthesia.

What are the parameters measured in the Progesterone Receptor test?

The presence or absence of Progesterone Receptors in Breast cancer cells is checked in the Progesterone Receptor test.

Preparation for Progesterone Receptor test

Before taking the test, the physician might advise discontinuing having hormone medicine for a time period before the sample is collected. [4][5]

Post care after Progesterone Receptor test

No special post-care is necessary after the Progesterone Receptor test.

Sample types in Progesterone Receptor test

The Progesterone Receptor test is advised for women with possible Breast cancer.

Side effects of Progesterone Receptor test

The Progesterone Receptor test carries a slight chance of infection as it entails a biopsy. [4]

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