Porphobilinogen – Qualitative

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A Porphobilinogen – Qualitative test is done in order to monitor and diagnose porphyria.

What is Porphobilinogen – Qualitative test?

The porphobilinogen-qualitative test is done to diagnose AIP, or Acute Intermittent Porphyria along with other severe psychiatric or neurologic symptoms of porphyria. [2]

Among several other types of porphyrins found in the human body, Porphobilinogen is one among those porphyrins, that help form important substances like hemoglobin in the blood. Usually, porphyrins like Porphobilinogen leave the human body through stools or urine. But, when the procedure does not happen normally, the accumulation of too much of porphyrins can cause hazardous diseases. [3]

A Porphobilinogen-Qualitative test helps determine whether or not the patient is suffering from porphyria.

Why is Porphobilinogen-Qualitative suggested?

The Porphobilinogen-Qualitative test can be suggested if you are dealing with the symptoms of porphyria. These can be –

  • When the patient shows symptoms of neurologic porphyrias, such as a feeling of numbness in feet or hands, abdominal pain, muscle weakness or mood swings. [1]
  • When the patient shows symptoms of cutaneous/ neurologic porphyria such as blistering, redness or scarring skin. [1]

How is Porphobilinogen-Qualitative performed?

The Porphobilinogen-Qualitative test is performed with the help of the following procedure –

  • You need to provide your lab with your urine sample. It is called a random urine sample.
  • Your lab may also ask you a 24-hour urine sample, that you need to collect at home and freeze for 24-hours before taking it to the lab. [3] [4]

The Porphobilinogen-Qualitative test will be done based on your sample in the lab.

What are the parameters measured in Porphobilinogen-Qualitative?

The level of porphyrins is measured in the Porphobilinogen-Qualitative. The normal level should be 0.0−2.0 mg/L. [2]

Preparation before Porphobilinogen-Qualitative

There are a few things the patient should take care of during Porphobilinogen-Qualitative—

  • If the test is concerning neurologic porphyria, then the sample should be collected during a critical attack. [1]
  • The patient must inform the specialist before if under any kind of medications. [3]

Post-care after Porphobilinogen-Qualitative

No post-care is required after Porphobilinogen-Qualitative.

Sample types in Porphobilinogen-Qualitative

The Porphobilinogen-Qualitative test can be done on anyone dealing with the symptoms of porphyria.

Side effects or risks of Porphobilinogen-Qualitative

There are no side effects or risks concerning the Porphobilinogen-Qualitative.

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